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    As our tagline says, we are in the business of “Connecting People with Places.” We help organizations find the ideal destination and hotel property for their meetings, and also offer many meeting support services, including DMC’s, transportation, speakers, entertainment, airfare discounts, and even cruises. On your behalf, we send out RFP’s, compile comparative hotel data, deliver the information in an easy-to-read format, and negotiate contracts — at no cost to you. We have unlimited access to destinations and hotel properties across the America's and around the world. The research we provide will give you a totally unbiased view for your selection process. We become your value-added partner!
    We receive a fee from the property you choose as compensation for helping to arrange the meeting. This is a standard business practice that is totally accepted in the hospitality industry.
    No, this is a common misconception. All hotels have a budget for placement fees as a cost of doing business. You won’t pay a cent more than you would pay if you dealt directly with the hotel — and you will probably pay less, thanks to our skill at contract negotiation. You’ll also save untold hours by letting us perform the research.
    While there is only one of you, MPE has thousands of associated industry contacts throughout the world. Our diversity offers you a wealth of first-hand information and expertise. Plus, as a planner for your events, you have many items and issues to juggle. We focus on just one item: finding the best possible site for you.
    The fact is, you are the decision maker at every step. We simply perform much of the upfront research required for site selection, and then negotiate the contract with your approval. You will still work closely with hotel personnel to plan and implement your meeting.
    CVBs are excellent resources, but they don’t always represent every hotel property in a city or town — while MPE represents them all. The CVB often sends out blanket specs to hotels, without qualifying which hotels may or may not be a good fit. As a result, you receive many phone calls and e-mails from hotels that don’t have the resources to host your meeting. At MPE, we’re familiar with all of the destinations and properties available, and provide you with an unlimited, non-biased view of only qualified properties.
    We work with a wide range of businesses, from large, multi-national corporations to regional companies and professional business and scientific organizations. The size and type of meetings we arrange also vary widely, from international conventions to small events for board members. For a sample list of our clients, click here.
    First, you tell us about your meeting by submitting your specs.

    Within 24 hours, we’ll call you to review your meeting specifications and answer any question you may have.

    Next, the MPE SiteFinder process will go to work for you. We’ll search our database of more than 42,000 hotel properties, as well as our own proprietary information, to find those properties that match your needs. We’ll send an RFP to the properties that fit the specs for your meetings. After we receive their answers, we compile all of the information in a report format that makes it very simple to compare the various properties.

    Then, we’ll negotiate with the selected hotel to make sure you’re getting the best possible value, plus value-added services and benefits.

    And remember — all of these services are provided at no cost to you!
    There isn’t one. We realize that some meeting planners are uncertain of our services at first, thinking that this is too good to be true. However, once you use MPE, you’ll realize the incredible amount of time and money we can save you and your organization.

Try Us — there’s no obligation to continue the relationship if you’re not satisfied with the results.

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