Just a few of the things MPE can save you.

You know that researching and planning an event is incredibly time-consuming. There are hotels to contact, phone calls to return, special menus to plan, DMCs, transportation, speakers and entertainment to research. Hotel proposals are submitted in different formats, making it nearly impossible to compare “apples to apples.” Once you’ve selected a site, you begin the arduous task of contract negotiations. The entire process can take days or weeks.

The solution? MPE.

We handle the burdensome tasks of site selection and contract negotiation. Our expert services allow you devote more time and energy to executing the agenda of your meeting or conference, resulting in better planning and enhancing your ability to satisfy meeting participants.

We take the burdensome tasks of site selection and contract negotiation off your plate — so you can concentrate on more important things resulting in a better planned conference/meeting –ultimately attracting more satisfied meeting participants. Best of all, our services are provided at no cost to you.

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