Thursday, 17 August 2017

One stop service – supporting the needs
of your next game or tournament!

MPE also provides many other services that can increase quality, lower costs, and add convenience to your out-of-town game or tournament. As always, these benefits are provided at no cost to you!

  • Speaker and entertainment selection. Based on your audience and budget needs, we research a database of thousands of speakers and sports personalities to find your perfect presenter. Audio and/or video tapes, reference materials, and biographical information are submitted for your review and selection. Plus, MPE assists you in booking your choice of high-quality entertainment.

  • Airfare discounts. We can arrange preferential airfares nationwide, making it easy for you to determine the most cost-effective destinations. Rates are available on multiple carriers and don’t require a Saturday night stay, contract, minimum number of passengers, or the naming of an official carrier. Tickets aren’t instant purchase or non-refundable and require no payment or penalties for changes or cancellations until 30 days prior to departure. We also charter aircraft of all sizes to or from worldwide destinations.

  • Supplier contacts. Our nationwide network of supplier contacts, from catering to transportation, can help you secure the finest and most reliable suppliers available in your destination city.

We can also assist with:

  • Tournament consulting services
  • Rooms on hold
  • Chartered bus services
  • Meet & greet services
  • Maps to sports venues
  • Ground transportation
  • Car rental discounts
  • VIP services
  • Event committee assistance
  • Proactive marketing tools

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